What is the cause of his red shiny nose?

Another cracking set of photographs from this week’s full cast rehearsal. With thanks to Lester Mckone!

Could it be Oom Pah Pah?

Raucous revellers are really getting into the swing of this number! Plus, our cast got to see the first glimpse of Pick a Pocket! Photos: Richard Hall Full gallery here!

Setting the scene

It was straight back to work on Oom Pah Pah movement this week, as well as some scene work from our principals. Photos: Richard Hall Full gallery here!

Oom Pah Pah

What an amazing rehearsal we had this week! Our work with choreographer Dean was channeled into an Oom Pah Pah extravaganza. Photos: Richard Hall. Full gallery here!

Do it with feeling

This week we worked to further develop our movement skills while embracing our characters’ stories and emotions. Plus, we got to meet some of our principle cast! Photos: Richard Hall


Our ensemble practiced linking movement to emotion this week. As we build our characters, their histories and their personalities, we’re also mindfully exploring ways they’ll move and travel. Photos: Richard Hall

The first script read-through

Wow! What a tremendous first script read-through rehearsal. This week we saw our principal characters and featured ensemble bring Oliver! to life. Many ears heard a booming Bumble, a snide Sowerberry and a ghastly Bill Sykes for the first time and our musical directors stacked haunting harmonies with our talented singers. Here’s a sneak peek from the debut rendition of ‘That’s your Funeral’. Photos: Emily Norton

Making connections

There’s something about singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a stranger with the utmost sincerity that makes you truly tackle that huge acting killer  – self-consciousness! By the time you’ve added absurd movements to every beat of the song, wiggled and waved at them too, you’re away. Here’s a snapshot of your hard work at this week’s rehearsal. Photos by Richard Hall

The Tableau Test

The Knights Theatre became the cold, merciless streets of Victorian London when our actors were tasked with performing a Dickensian moment in time. Beggars, brawlers and even the Old Bill made an appearance.

Auditions Begin

Take a behind-the-scenes look at rehearsals as auditions begin. Plus, hear from some our our youngest hopefuls on how they’re finding the experience.

Introducing Oliver!

We’re delighted to announce our 2019 musical performance at Lincoln Cathedral will be Oliver!
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