Chaperone duties

Starring Lincoln Theatre Company (SLTC)

Chaperone Duties/Responsibilities

Firstly, thank you very much for agreeing to act as a chaperone for SLTC. We rely on volunteers like you to help run our large scale community events and we are hugely grateful.

Duties of the Chaperone

Please remember that the primary role of the chaperone is to supervise the children and ensure their safety at all times.


  • Ensure children keep to the rules for children (see below).
  • Remain available throughout rehearsals and performances in case of emergencies
  • Ensure each child is registered as present and that parents/guardians are aware of pick up times
  • Ensure each child is made aware of when they will be needed during rehearsals and performances and ensure they are escorted appropriately
  • Ensure each child is provided with water and suitable refreshments so that they stay hydrated and energised
  • In case of an emergency, you will be supplied with contact details for safeguarding lead/officer and first aiders
  • Stay at the end of the performance until all the children have been collected by their parent or guardian.
  • Ensure each child is registered as having been collected by their parent/guardian
  • Report any injuries to the safeguarding lead/officer

Rules for children:

  • Children must not wander off into areas that are unsupervised
  • Girls and boys must not go into each other’s changing rooms.
  • The taking of photographs or video within the dressing rooms is strictly forbidden.
  • They must not touch/use any items that belong to SLTC or rehearsal spaces and they must take great care of the furniture and fittings.
  • They should be discouraged from eating crisps and sweets and be encouraged to bring and eat fruit/cereal bars

Once again, thank you for being a chaperone. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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