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It is important that children and young people feel happy with their achievements and have photographs and films of their special moments. Family and friends also want to be able to share the successes of their children when they have been part of a special event or activity.

However, it is also important to be aware of child protection and safeguarding issues when people are taking photos or filming at events. The potential for misuse of images can be reduced if we are aware of the potential risks and dangers and put appropriate measures in place.

Risk factors:

Some of the potential risks of photography and filming at events include:

  • children may be identifiable when a photograph is shared with personal information
  • direct and indirect risks to children and young people when photographs are shared on websites, social media and in publications with personal information
  • inappropriate photographs or recorded images of children
  • inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images.

Our policy on photography and the sharing of images is as follows:

  • children’s names must not be used in photograph captions, other than in hard-copy programmes. Names, and photos of children can be used in hard-copy programmes, sold at the time of a performance, but any personal information must be kept to a minimum.
  • obtain the child’s permission to use their image.
  • use a parental permission form to obtain consent for a child to be photographed and videoed.
  • only use images of children in suitable clothing to reduce the risk of inappropriate use.
  • we will ensure that images of children on our website cannot be misused. Images must not be accompanied by personal information, such as the name of a child. If the name of the child is used, such as in online versions of our programmes, the image of that child must not be used.
  • provide written expectations for official photographers, or the press, who are invited to an event. These should make clear the organisation’s expectations of them in relation to child protection.
  • do not allow photographers unsupervised access to children
  • do not approve photography sessions outside the event or at a child’s home.
  • the taking of photographs, or videos, in dressing/changing rooms is strictly forbidden.


Seeking consent for children and young people:

*Children should always be consulted about the use of their photograph. This ensures they’re aware that the image is taking place and understand what the picture is going to be used for.

*For young people under 18, get parental consent to use an image for promotional purposes.

*Make sure parents and carers are aware of the SLTC photography policy.

*Ask parents to sign a consent form for use of their child’s images and keep a record.

Protocol is as follows:

Child consents to image being used and then parent/guardian either agrees or disagrees. A parent can refuse consent even if the child has given consent. However, if a child refuses consent, the parent cannot overturn that decision.

Storage of images:

Every effort should be made to ensure that retained images and videos of children are stored securely. Ideally, electronic images should be in a protected folder. This policy applies to any official SLTC images and videos and to any images retained by somebody requested to take photographs or videos on behalf of SLTC.

Photographs and videos taken by members of the audience:

We cannot realistically police photographs and videos taken by members of the audience but can advise them not to publish such photos on social media sites.


Geoff Middleton – Safeguarding Lead

Version 1 – October 2018

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